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Pet Peek for Dogs in Kansas City

Pet Peek

What is PetPeek™? 
The PetPeek™ window is a durable, clear, hard acrylic dome 9.5 inches in diameter, with a black trim-ring. The purpose is to allow your pet to “peek” out into the world from the comfort of their own backyard.

What is needed for PetPeek™?
All you need is HD Fence. We can install a Pet Peek on wooden panel fencing, vinyl fencing, wooden doors and drywall. Just give us a call and we will install the Pet Peek at your convenience! 

Your only source for Pet Peek™ in Kansas City is HD Fence, LLC.

HD Fence, LLC proudly serving Kansas City Kansas and Missouri. Call us today at 913-766-5547 for more information about Pet Peek™ for your pet!

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